June 19, 2024

Ohio Railroad Accidents

Toledo, OH — The early morning derailment of a freight train carrying tons of ethanol caused explosions and a fire that could be seen from more than 20 miles away. The residents of nearby homes were evacuated. Fires continued to burn throughout the day and are expected to continue burning overnight.

The 62-car Norfolk Southern train was head from Chicago to North Carolina when it derailed near the village of Arcadia, Ohio, about 50 miles southeast of Toledo. It is believed that 8 of the train’s cars, each filled with 15 tons of ethanol, exploded and caught fire as a result of the derailment. More than two dozen cars were burned in the fire.

Flames from the explosion went thousands of feet into the air, said a witness. The heat was so intense in the resulting fire that it melted several train cars. Emergency responders deemed the fire too hazardous to fight.

Railroad employees from Norfolk Southern have begun work to clear the burned freight cars from the tracks. The cars that did not derail already have been moved.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is monitoring the environmental impact of the toxic chemical spill on the air and environment. Some ethanol was spilled into a creek. It is unknown how much of the hazardous chemical made it into the water. Efforts are underway to control the amount of ethanol that flows downstream.

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