July 22, 2024

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Train Crash Lawyer/Attorney

Trains and rail transport are part of the fabric of America. Commuter rail systems like the Long Island Rail Road, New Jersey Transit Rail, the Metra in Chicago, and the MBTA in Boston serve over a million passengers each weekday. Millions more train passengers are served each year by Amtrak. While trains are a part of daily life for millions of commuters, most rail transport in the U.S. is based on shipments by freight train.

Train crashes cause thousands of serious personal injuries and hundreds of deaths each year in the United States. There are about 31 train accidents each day according to the Federal Railroad Safety Administration. That’s over 11,000 train accidents each year.

Many of these train crashes are preventable. Some crashes could have been avoided if railroad tracks were properly maintained. Others train accidents are caused by mistakes on the railroad line. Railroad crossing accidents often are the result of problems with the crossing or by negligent railroad employees.

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Our experienced train crash attorneys help families recover compensation for serious personal injury and wrongful death damages caused by train crashes across the country. We are a nationwide train crash law firm dedicated to promoting railroad safety by maximizing the financial recovery of each person we represent. Our experienced train injury lawyers thoroughly investigate each train crash to get all of the evidence needed to prove your case in court before a judge and jury at trial.

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