June 19, 2024

Train Passenger Injury Lawyer

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Railroad accidents caused the injury or death of more than 1,100 train passengers in 2010. Some passengers were traveling “cross country” on an Amtrak train involved in an accident when injured. Others were going just a few stops on a commuter train (like the Chicago CTA L/EL in Illinois and the Los Angeles Metrolink/Metrorail in California) when they were hurt in a light a rail accident. From San Francisco to New York City, subway accidents have caused serious personal injuries to commuters in metro areas across the Untied States.

Train passenger safety is no accident. Railroads and light rail transit systems are required by law to exercise the highest degree of care in the transport of their passengers. They must warn passengers of all known dangers and maintain strict compliance with all state and federal safety laws. The failure to fulfill these duties can result in passenger injury and death.

Our seasoned railroad lawyers help passengers injured in all types of rail accidents recover compensation for personal injury damages. We work with scientific, engineering and safety experts to thoroughly investigate and determine the causes of the crash. Once the causes of the crash have been identified, we aggressively pursue all liable parties to maximize your recovery.

If you have been injured while a passenger aboard a train, you probably have a lot of questions about your legal rights. You deserve honest answers from an experienced train accident attorney. Contact us today for a free consultation. Let us answer all of your questions and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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