June 19, 2024

Tennessee Railroad Crossing Accidents

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, two truck versus train accidents occurred within 24 hours. The first accident was on the evening of Wednesday, April 2, 2014, when a train hit and killed an 80 year old man driving his pickup truck. The second occurred four miles north on Thursday morning between an 18 wheeler and a train. The driver of the semi is expected to be okay.

Emergency officials indicate that the semi was halfway across the tracks when it was struck and split in two. According to witnesses, this crossing located at Birmingham Highway and Wauhatchie Pike in Chattanooga has warning lights, but no arms that lower. Residents indicate that sometimes you cannot see the lights or hear the warning bells.

The elderly man was struck at the Carroll Road and Highway 11 crossing in Wildwood.

According to reports Tennessee ranks among the top ten states for rail accidents on highways. So far this year there have been four accidents in Tennessee.